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My name is Brian Wassom.  I’m a Christ-follower, dad, lawyer, author, and speaker, doing my best to discern and stay on the wise path. The resources you’ll find on this site are part of my own journey in search of purer faith and deeper wisdom. I hope you find them useful. And if I can be of assistance to you or your ministry, please let me know.

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Introduction to Biblical Wisdom and the Proverbs

Volume 1 of The Proverbial Path to Wisdom:

A Topical Study of the Bible’s Book of Proverbs

77 pages * Published January 2016

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The Book of Proverbs has long been considered a vital resource for spiritual development. “If the world was governed by just this one book,” wrote Charles Bridges, “it would be a new world of righteousness.” Billy Graham and many other renowned leaders of the Christian faith have recommended reading from the Proverbs daily. Most of the book, however, consists of sayings in no particular order. This apparent lack of organization confuses many modern readers, obscuring some of the deep truths contained in these short statements. The Proverbial Path to Wisdom series removes this barrier by organizing verses by topic and offering a fresh, contemporary commentary drawn from multiple translations, in the hope that all may gain new insight into the Proverbs’ message. 

Volume 1 of the series explores the nature and value of wisdom literature as a genre and its role in Scripture. This important first step ensures that readers understand and interpret the Proverbs properly. We then examine the nature of Wisdom—the fundamental concept that underlies the entire Book of Proverbs and that serves as a vital framework for every aspect of a believer’s life.

This is the first of what I hope to be several more installments in the Proverbial Path to Wisdom series. Download this first chapter for free; subsequent installments will be only 99 cents.