About Me and This Site


About Me

My name is Brian Wassom.  I’m a husband, dad, lawyer, author, speaker, and Christ-follower, doing my best to discern and stay on the wise path.

I’ve served within the church and Christian organizations for most of my life, including as a student organization chapter president, small group leader, tech volunteer, missions team member, and teacher. In 2005, I completed the Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics through Biola University. In 2011, I was elected to the awesome responsibility of serving on my congregation’s Board of Elders.  I am also a director of the apologetics organization Embrace the Truth International.

In my professional life, I am a partner in one of the largest law firms in Michigan, primarily practicing intellectual property, media, and privacy litigation. I’ve published a fair number of articles in legal journals and periodicals, as well as books and other resources. For the past few years I’ve maintained a blog on the law of social and emerging media, and have done quite a bit of public speaking on these topics. More recently, I’ve been given several opportunities to speak on matters of faith to church congregations, ministry groups, and apologetics conferences. In 2013, I published the book What Would Jesus Post?, which examines how Christian should approach their person use of social media. Some of my talks and writings are collected here at ProverbialPath.com.

My most fundamental aspiration in life is to live more like Jesus and encourage others to do the same.  I have been particularly fascinated for many years by the concept of Biblical wisdom, which has been aptly defined as “skill in the art of Godly living.” As Christians, we can spend a lot of time debating doctrine. Although this is important, we should be equally concerned with living well by making right choices in our daily decisions and interactions with others. I study these Scriptures because I want to do better at living how God wants me to live.  I want to be wiser.

About This Site

The Bible, and especially its Book of Proverbs, has a lot to say about wisdom. These passages frequently describe wisdom as a “path”–a metaphor suggesting not only that one right choice leads to another, but also that the process of becoming wise is one that we can never fully complete in this life. Proverbial Path is a website where I share thoughts intended to encourage myself and others to stay on, and to travel farther along, the path of Biblical wisdom.

On this site, I am primarily writing to other Christians, in that most of what I have to say here concerns how we can do better at living out what the Bible teaches rather than why you should accept it as God’s word in the first place. That said, I welcome all to read.  Because I believe the Bible is God’s word, I believe it speaks to all of us, and invites everyone into their own relationship with God.

I should disclaim up front the notion that I am some sort of expert in wisdom or in Biblical scholarship.  Nor is this site about me, or designed to bring me more attention. Instead, I offer you this content as a co-pilgrim in the lifelong quest for a deeper understanding of our God and his ways. It is my earnest prayer that the commentary I share here will assist you in your own search for wisdom.

But don’t take what I say at face value.  Ultimately, the only words on this site that are Scripture are the Scriptures themselves.  Consider for yourself whether I have gotten it right.  Ponder these words in your heart, and explore their deeper meaning by applying them to your own life circumstances.  Then let’s discern the wise path together.