This is an easy reference page for media professionals looking for background information on me, this site, and my upcoming book, What Would Jesus Post? Seven Principles Christians Should Follow in Social Media.

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Short Bio: Brian D. Wassom is a partner in a Michigan-based law firm and chairs the firm’s Social, Mobile and Emerging Media team. He authors a popular blog and other resources on the legal aspects of social media and has traveled to New York, Hawai’i, and many points in between speaking and teaching on these issues to legal, academic, and business audiences. Brian is also a lifelong Christ-follower and active in his nondenominational congregation, where he was elected to serve as an Elder in 2011. Brian lives with his wife. Sheri, and their two children in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Short Description of Book (from the dust jacket of the hardcover edition): Social media gives each of us enormous power to influence others for good or ill. But far too many Christians ignore the opportunities and undermine their own reputations through thoughtless words shared online. This book comes directly from the author’s experiences as an attorney and a church leader and offers seven simple guidelines for exercising Biblical wisdom in social media.

Links for More Information:

  • Home of my legal publications Wassom on Social Media, Augmented Legality®, and more.
  • A list of my recent and upcoming professional speaking engagements.
  • My LinkedIn profile.
  • For media inquiries or to request a review copy of What Would Jesus Post?, email me or call (586) 420-4023.