Review: “Grand Central Question” by Abdu Murray

This book is the signature work from a profoundly gifted man through whom God has done amazing things.


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Abdu Murray’s life story embodies Christs’s call to “take up your cross and follow me” more than anyone else I know. He decided to embrace the Bible because he believed it to be true, despite the gut-wrenching pain this caused him when he admitted it to his devoutly Muslim family and community. As a result, he lost almost everything he treasured, but gained so much more. His ministry, Embrace the Truth International (in which I am proud to serve as a director), calls the rest of to have the same courage.

Grand Central Question reflects the wisdom Abdu has gained over several years through hundreds of opportunities to share the truth of Christ with those who hold other worldviews. His unique insight is that each of the world’s religious/philosophical systems have at their core a central question, and the entire worldview revolves around how it answers that question. For example, atheism asks how we can affirm the inherent dignity of man. Pantheistic religions seek to explain (through variations on the concept of “karma”) the existence of human suffering. The central premise of Islam is that God is great (allahu akbar); for the Muslim, all else flows from that creed.

From this insight, Abdu helps us understand how each of these worldviews responds to its central question. Then he explains why he believes that Biblical Christianity offers a superior answer to each question.

No one has ever taken this approach to Christian apologetics before. And this is not ivory tower philosophy; it’s chock full of insight Abdu has gained through conversations with members of various faiths, and his writing style Is conversational and accessible. Anyone remotely interested in understanding the fundamental differences between these worldviews, and any lover of truth, will be greatly enriched by reading this book.

Abdu Murray, author of Grand Central Question from InterVarsity Press on Vimeo.